Give your backups some love

Manage your backup jobs centrally using an elegant configuration DSL. Execute them securely over the network. Schedule your backups and get notified.
  • Hassle-free

    No cron jobs, no scripting. Use our super-simple, easy to read DSL to configure and schedule your backup jobs.
  • Centrally managed

    Centrally managed
    No need to install, deploy, manage and maintain backup scripts on all your servers. All your backup jobs in one place.
  • Talkative

    Automatically receive notifications when a backup fails or completes. See at a glance storage size, execution and transfer times.
  • Secure (hopefully)

    Access to remote hosts relies on the SSH protocol and public-key authentication. Encrypt your credentials for extra security.
  • Encryption-ready

    Easily encrypt and decrypt backups using GPG.
  • Flexible

    Copy archives of your files, directories, assets and databases on your storage of choice.

Need help ?

Have a look at the documentation or see the support section. Feel free to shoot us an email (humans [at] electricsheep [dot] io).

Free and Open Source Software

ElectricSheep.IO is free and open source, brought to you by ServeBox and provided under the MIT Public license.
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